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When tidying up the kitchen cupboards I found an old cookbook published in 1948 by His Majesty’s Stationary Office. At the cost of 2 shillings net and called Bulletin No 21, it was written by The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. When compared with today’s glossy romantic cookbooks it appears dull in the extreme but it has so much brilliant information packed onto every one of its 94 pages. I was thrilled to see it, as long ago it had gone missing. It tells the whole story about preserving food, everything including how to salt beans! I know it is foolproof as I was dedicated to it for many years but reading it now time has moved on and we have even more opportunities to preserve our food and even more varieties of food to conserve.

Here is a taster; for damaged, surplus, windfalls, underdeveloped or distorted fruit and vegetables. A great idea was to puree and store. Nowadays I would put mine in the freezer but then we bottled it. Remove bruised and slug/wasp/bird damaged parts, chop roughly, cook till turning soft and strain (Preferably through a hair sieve, sic), season and freeze for use in cooking. Tomatoes and apples are the obvious choices but almost any fruit and vegetables can be used this way. Remember to include the pods if you are pureeing Beans and Peas and add a few herbs too. I can feel lots of winter soups coming on at no cost whatsoever.

I’ll be sharing this with all the team at The Recycle Works – they love a money saving idea!

Love Your Environment!