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The 'Log Store' now available from The Recycle Works

This compact Wood Storage Box is ideal for keeping logs either inside or outdoors. With good air circulation it will protect logs, keeping them dry and ready to put on the log burner.

Easy to assemble, no nails, no screws no holes to dig.
Sliding panels for easy removal of logs.
Solid wood is insulating.
Open sides keep wood well aired and dry.
Twin compartments give twice the storage capacity.

Log Stores are manufactured from wood that comes from F.S.C. certificated Northern European Forests. They have been treated with a non-toxic preservative. By utilising the posts on any side of the Log Store and sliding new panels into them you can double, treble the size of your bin in just a few minutes by adding a Wooden Module

Single Log Store:

  • Capacity 620 Litres – 21 cu ft
  •  Measurements 75 x 90 x 90 cm – 29″ x 36″ x 36″ – h x w x d

Twin Log Store:

  • Capacity 1240 Litres – 42 cu ft
  • Measurements 75 x 179 x 91 cm – 29″ x 5’9″ x 36″ – h x w x d

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