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Gathering in the harvest for winter is a special time, and with a little bit of know-how it is possible to keep the harvest in tip-top condition for eating later on.

Root crops such as parsnips and beetroot can be left in the ground quite successfully for harvesting later in the winter.  However it’s worth checking them regularly, as we have a field vole in our allotment who does nibble the beetroots if they are left for too long. 

Carrots and potatoes will be eaten by the slugs if left in the ground. 

Instead they can be stored in this handy Wooden Storage Box. 

The Wooden Storage Box is also perfect for orchard fruits such as apples and pears, it has been designed for good air circulation and large storage space. 

What’s more when the harvest has been eaten it can be dismantled until next year.

Garlic and onions are best stored hung up. 

Try plaiting their stems, and then tie with string ready for hanging.  Alternatively hang them in an old pair of tights!


Winter squashes are best stored hung up in a net.  This prevents their skin from bruising.