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The Hedgehog Gutter and Drain Guard

When we choose the products for the website we are careful to think about you. Many times I believe that you are a bit like me. So if something bothers me I do not feel I am alone. As you know we have recently introduced the Hedgehog Gutter and Drain Guard and it is quite amazing how popular it is. Last year I paid my window cleaner something like £60.00 to clear my gutters and downpipes when they had got pretty bad. I knew as soon as rivers of water ran all down the outside fabric of the house from the blocked gutter whenever it rained that I had trouble. If I leave it now, it will not be long before the damp penetrates the outside wall and causes mildew on the painted walls inside. Yes I have been there. The insurance company made such a song and dance I lost heart with them and never completed the claim for redecoration.

So guess who is lined up as the first customer when we receive the next delivery of Hedgehog Gutter and drain brush? Only I am hopeless with these jobs and it did not take long to realise that when the window cleaner comes to fix it I have no plastic ties at home so the job would end up being a half mess. So we have introduced FIVE 550 x 9mm plastic ties into each pack of Hedgehog Gutter and Drain Guards to keep me happy. Another good buy at this time of year is the ubiquitous pair of Handy Hands to keep those wet leaves away from your paws.

Love Your Gutters!