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Everyone seems to be talking about Christmas shopping at the moment so here’s our very own Sylvia’s suggestions for making your Christmas shopping as easy as possible!


Christmas PresentIt is just the right time to put up your feet with a cuppa hot chocolate, a piece of cake and a computer by your side and complete the Christmas shopping. Pretty well every goodie is still in stock.  We have been stocking up with all the things you love and have been beavering away sending out your gifts. This year no one is leaving it to the last minute.  Snow Shovels flew out faster than any Nimbus 2000 could fly. Gone now, until the next snows in January.


Gift Vouchers are not quite as popular as the gift itself but they can be sent digitally and are then quickly available on-line for the recipient to click-buy something heart-warming from you and get it delivered to them in time for Christmas day.


However you can take up Sylvia’s offer. Let me take a look at your Christmas list (include some hints on price and interests) and I will transform it into great ideas appropriate for everyone on it. You shop from the amended list and we deliver direct. Simply email me your list!