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The Tawny Owl Box

The new Owl House is in this week. It is the key time of year for putting up Owl Houses.  This one is purpose made they are exclusively Des Res for the Barn Owl and Tawny Owl. Owls are becoming more dependent upon us humans to provide nesting places. I know they are noisy blighters, but it is a calming sound and at pretty social times of the evening and dawn! If you have any Owl stories to share, do let us know.

This particular Owl Nest Box has been designed in conjunction with Ian McGuire, who is dedicated to British Owls and their Conservation.
It is a very substantial Owl Nest box which has a perch attached for the Owls to sit on. Even the shape of the perch has the Tawny Owl in Mind.
An inspection hatch is built in to enable the Tawny Owl Nest box to be cleaned when not occupied.

Robust in construction the box is designed to last for many years. The unit comes complete with a lockable inspection/cleaning hatch and a long perch  which is demountable for ease of transport.

Early Spring is the peak time to put them up, as it  the time when the owls are looking for nesting sites.

Available for only £77.00

Love Your Owls!