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Carrier WheelbarrowThe Cruiser-type of (Polypropylene) barrow is preferred by most professional users, but there are a few jobs that require steel barrows, e.g. working with hot tar or near sources of extreme heat. There also remains a small minority of users who still believe that steel is stronger than Polypropylene. For such customers and such applications, the County Carrier fits the bill perfectly.

Its 90 ltr tray is constructed in heavy-gauge steel, has double-rolled edges for both strength and safety, and sits on top of a well-balanced one-piece frame. The large 4-ply, block pattern tyre with a built-in pneumatic tube completes the picture. For the conservative buyer, there is no better barrow.

The Carrier – an all-steel, dependable Workhorse.

Priced at only £75.00, these won’t be in stock for long!