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International Compost Awareness Week 2011 has kicked off under the banner of ‘passing on’ composting and gardening knowledge.

The event, which represents the 11th year of the international campaign designed to promote composting, began on Sunday May 1 and will run to Saturday May 7.

Home composting is among the activities being targetted as part of this year’s campaign

In the UK, the Week involves councils, retailers and community groups across the country holding initiatives and campaigns around issues such as home composting and the use of peat-free compost.

At its core, the concept of ‘passing on’ aims to involve those who have never composted before by offering advice on how to get started or provide additional information on compostable items to those that have already undertaken some composting.

And, other efforts such as using peat-free compost for the first time, as well as providing more background for gardeners, particularly those with no green waste or minimal space, looking to use wormeries.

The 2010 International Compost Awareness Week was run with the theme of ‘Give It a Grow’, with main focus being the promotion of home composting.

Information for councils, retailers and community groups is available through the WRAP ‘Recycle Now Partners’ website.

A huge thankyou to Chris Sloley for this article.

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