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We’re delighted to be able to let you know that we now have a collection of unique, real, functioning wildlife habitats specifically designed for children and to attract beneficial insects to the garden for learning, study, or simply for the benefits of plant pollination and pest control.

The MiniBug Bug Box

The MiniBug Bug Box is a natural habitat for ladybirds and other beneficial insects. A mini version of the Larger Bug Box constructed from solid FSC birch logs and oak, larch, or similar timber for durability. These attractive dual chamber insect habitats can be hung from trees, pergolas, hanging brackets, or near ponds or scented plants. They provide over-wintering habitats for insects like Ladybirds (natural aphid predators) and a home for solitary bees (non-aggressive garden pollinators) and other beneficial insects during the summer. Offering a variety of potential habitats, the top section is made of variable sized canes and the lower of bored solid timber.

The MiniBug Solitary Bee House

Choose from three different sets: MiniBug Ladybird Tower, MiniBug Solitary Bee House and MiniBug Bug House.

We hope you’ll love these as much as we do!