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Annelise Emmans Dean

We’re proud to announce that Annelise’s eco-musical, Compost! The (mini )Musical, has won a National Award from Garden Organic. The musical was commissioned by York Rotters, and together with Rotters she has taught the musical to many cub and brownie groups in York.
If you’d like to teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical to children or young people where you are, then Compost! The (mini) Musical Teaching Pack contains everything you need to put on a successful performance where you are!

If you’d like to purchase ‘Compost’ The Musical then simply click here.


The Recycle Works are really delighted about this award and offer all our biggest congratulations to Annelise and to York Rotters. The grand prize for this National Award was one of our very own NEW Big Square Wooden Modular Compost Bins given by The Recycle Works Limited