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You have asked us for Whelping Boxes made from the same unique construction we use for all of our Wooden Gardening Products and here they are. I have used this construction with great success and the best thing was being able to close it up small and put it away until next time. Alternatively purchase one of our Puppy Play Pens and use it as a Whelping Box before fully constructing it as a Puppy Play Pen when the pups are ready.

Made from hard wearing, long lasting FSC wood they will pack away into a very small pack when not in use. Assembly no nails, no screws, just slide the parts together.

Two Sizes:
LARGE overall 120 x 120
STANDARD overall 30 x 90 x 90cm

There is the option to add our version of a ‘Pig Rail’ which will help newly born pups from being crushed.

Wood is treated with non toxic preservative, but these items are available without treatment if you request when ordering. The treatment is safe for all animals, and children.

We offer ‘special’ sizes with different heights, also on request. orders@recycleworks.co.uk or 01254 820088

Prices start from only £34.99!