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There’s nothing better than a stroll along the beach – the sand between your toes, the pebbles moving on the tide. But sadly, a walk along many British beaches could see your feet coming into contact with the man-made not the natural.

Beach litter is on the increase – bits of plastic, cotton bud sticks, fishing nets and ropes, cigarette butts, bottle tops, drinks bottles and fast food wrappers – are all there, under your feet. Stemming the rising tide of beach rubbish is what the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Beachwatch Big Weekend is all about.

Thousands of volunteers take to beaches all around the UK coast on this weekend to clean up and record the rubbish they find. Beachwatch Big Weekend is part of the International Coastal Cleanup which takes place in 80 countries worldwide and the data helps MCS shape it’s beach litter campaigns and keep it on the Government’s agenda.

Beach litter is unsightly and dangerous, wildlife gets caught up in it or can swallow it and die. As beach visitors, we don’t want to sit amongst it.

Take part in the UK’s biggest annual litter survey and beach clean-up organised by the Marine Conservation Society. The Beachwatch Big Weekend takes place on 17-18 September 2011 and relies on thousands of volunteers to help out.

To find out how to get involved, simply click here.