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It’s the first day of October and during this month, there a a number of jobs in the garden that you should put on your list.

Jumbo Leaf Mould Composter

Here are just a few that we here at The Recycle Works will be getting on with ourselves…..

  • Set up a Leaf Mould Compost Bin for collecting fallen leaves
  • Dig up outdoor tomato plants before the first frosts and hang them indoors to ripen
  • Dry seeds from you favourite chilli varieties and store in your seed tim ready for next year
  • Shred woody summer raspberry prunings and pop them in to the compost bin
  • Remove the netting from your fruit cage once all the fruit has been harvested so that the birds can get in to eat any pests
There are obviously lots more things you can do too, but if you start with these, you’ll have a good head start to take you towards the end of the year.
Love Your Environment! Love Your Garden!