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Towards the end of October it’s definitely time to collect up the ingredients to make some wonderful Leaf Mould Compost ready for next year.

Jumbo Leaf Mould Compost Bin from The Recycle Works

Many gardeners refer to their Leaf Mould Compost as ‘gardeners gold’ as you can’t buy it in any shop but it’s properties are amazing for working on the soil and vegetables.

Simply stack the leaves in a Leaf Mould Compost Bin and don’t forget that your leaves should be good quality but damp and if they’re not, simply add water then leave them alone!

In a year’s time you’ll have a mulch that’s brown and crumbly and if you can possibly stand the wait and leave it alone for two years then it should be  fine enough to sieve into compost perfect for potting!

Love Your Environment! Love Your Leaf Mould Compost Bin!