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                                                                     FSC WOODEN COMPOST BINS FROM THE RECYCLE WORKS

You will find our Wooden Modular Compost Bins are ideal for any size garden and everyday use. As always there are no nails, no screws and no holes to dig, meaning they can be fully assembled in just 4 minutes. Plus with a choice of sizes available, we have one that’s perfect for your location!

Compost Bins available in a full range of sizes

Standing at 75cm high high, our range of Wooden Compost Bins have been specifically designed to eliminate back strain when lifting materials into it. They are suitable for garden and kitchen waste and feature sliding panels that slide out for easy access. The closed sides prevent drying out and uneven composting and are made out of solid wood, which is porous and insulating and sourced from managed forests. More modules can be added to double or treble the capacity, thus saving you money!

Choose from the following sizes:

The ‘Compact’ Compost Bin– 72 x 72 x 75cm
The ‘Classic’ Compost Bin – 90 x 90 x 75 cm
The ‘Big Square’ Compost Bin – 120 x 120 x 75cm
Receive a FREE composting booklet with every Compost Bin order.

Plus you can also benefit from a fabulous range of accessories available to make composting as easy as possible, with a choice of products ranging from Wooden Lids, Compost Pitchforks, Compost Duvets and Compost Magic to Jute Leaf Sacks, Leaf Mould Compost Bins and of course, extra wooden modules!

Love Your Environment! Love Your Compost Bin!