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The Hogitat - An Alternative Place for Hedgehogs To Shelter

At this time of year, many animals want to go into hibernation particularly Hedgehogs and bonfires can provide what appears at first sight to a Hedgehog to be a perfect place.  Sheltered from the wind and the rain, they crawl into warm and dry piles of wood. The unlit bonfire may seem an oasis for many animals in the winter but when the fires get lit, tragedy occurs.

Many people start building bonfires weeks in advance but if possible, it would be great if you could pile them up the bonfire at the last minute as this way you’ll be able to see if any animals have taken refuge underneath it.

Another thing that you could also consider doing is if a bonfire has erected in the same place for a few days,you could ask for volunteers and move all the wood to a different spot. It wouldn’t take long and could save the life of a sheltering animal.

Love Your Environment! Love Your Wildlife!