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The Watford Soil Conditioning Sieve is for gardeners, allotment holders, metal detectors and excavation diggers.

The Watford Soil Sieve is G2 of the original Wooden Spring Box Soil Sieve and it provides the same unique solution improving the quality of the soil without the usual back pain associated with traditional methods.

The Watford Soil Conditioning Sieve

The Watford Soil Sieve removes roots, stones and other non productive rubbish in the soil, leaving clean, fine soil in which to grow superb quality vegetables. This Spring sieve will also remove the soil and leave you with the treasures from excavating an area of ground.

The generous hopper will take up to eight spades of soil. It rocks easily back and forth allowing beautifully clean, fine soil to fall through ready for sowing or transplanting. The Watford Soil Sieve will stand on the ground in use, alternatively place it on the wheelbarrow to collect the soil in the barrow ready to roll away.

Hopper Size: 565 x 445mm

Standard Mesh: 25mm with a separate 12mm insert.

This all metal sieve can easily be broken down for easy storage when not in use. Made from Galvanised steel with a powder coated finish.
The floor standing version comes with removable legs for easy storage when not in use.

Delivery times 3-5 days

Price Only £124.99