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If your greenhouse has a paved floor, or if you’re planning on growing outdoors on your patio, then grow bags are a must.  Grow Bags are so simple to use, simply plump it up like a pillow, cut crosses in the top and fold back the plastic to make squares that you can plant in to.

Some people like to use Grow Rings too for their tomato plants as they help not only watering with feeding but also help to encourage more roots which in turn increases the yield.

Another product that our customers love is Seaweed Extract – Farmers around the world use it to increase crop yield and quality. They consider the cost of applying it is a sensible investment! In the garden, the same is true; SM3 will give you healthier plants and more food on the table at harvest time.  There’s a lot of science and research behind how it works – it’s a natural plant growth stimulant that encourages growth.