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How to make everything you buy in the shops, from sauce to sausages, bleach to beer, detergents to disinfectants.

Don’t Recycle – PREcycle

This little book is a Best Seller and is again reprinted A quote from the beginning of the book;

Would it surprise you that you could make a carpet cleaner for pennies that costs pounds? That you can make your own bacon and good bacon at that, far better than you can buy, for almost the price if cheap pork? Would you like to be able to make sauces at a penny a bottle or bread for a third of the price?

The dialogue goes on like that and then fails to disappoint on any of the numerous subjects referred to in the book.

Here again is a taster of the sections addressed, such as all kinds of sauces, pickles, jams etc, and meat; fish dairy and cakes; Cleaning cosmetics; drinks and tonics are there for the investment of a little time.

I cannot wait to try the sausages and there is even a way to get the sausage casings for nothing if you are resourceful.