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We like to grow courgettes in our Vital Earth grow bags and each year we end up with so many wonderful vegetables, we thought you might find this month by month growing guide useful. May is the month to start sowing your seeds so what are you waiting for?

Prepare a home for your courgette plants

May: Sow your seeds at the beginning of the month and then pot on young courgette plants.

June: In the first week of June, plant out your new plants and make sure there are no weeds.

July: Water the courgette plants lots – especially if it’s hot!

August: Harvest your courgettes regularly whilst they’re young and small.

September: It’s quite normal for the leaves of your courgette plants to be mildew-infected.

October: Move your pots inside as it’s getting chilly!

November: Time for spent plants to go in to the Compost Bin!

December: Start thinking about what type you’ll be growing next year and order seeds.

January: Get your growing positions sorted with lots of lovely organic matter.

February: Why not have a look for some recipes for later on in the year?

March: If you’ve created planting pits, top them with soil.

April: Sow some more courgette seeds and start again!

Love Your Environment! Love Your Courgettes!