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We have arrived at Midsummer Day without noticing it at all! There have been idyllic moments although they did not last for long. I recalled the most relaxing time of my life when, at school we used to lie in the hot sun on the playing fields and just watch the midges overhead! In those days we even used to suck the sweet nectar from the stems of the grasses!!

It was when loitering with the dogs in a rarely visited part of the garden this week, when I realised that the ground below me was awash with vetches, clovers, buttercups, cowslips (now over), lots of wild flowers and those lovely grasses that you can run your fingers up the stem and release a handful of seeds to the wind. I was standing in a tiny natural meadow which will never have been ‘farmed’ by anything more than a few pregnant ewes since the 18th century. There is enough known about this little area to say this with confidence. This is what my husband used to call, a Bubble of Happiness.