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Mehu Liisa Fruit Steamer

My weekend was spent picking soft fruit. The sun came out and everything seemed to ripen the same day. The sugars are not as well developed as I would have liked, but the volumes and size of the fruit evokes envy in all who see. I panicked with the thought of preparing and consuming all this produce. Jam is rather a fiddle and there is too much for one person. Next door will eat lots, but they have their own crops as well as access to mine. So I bought a Mehu Lissa on Monday morning. It arrived Wednesday and wow I am so thrilled with it. I admit my first thought was I will use it to steam a mega huge treacle pudding the next time we are all together.

The fruit I had picked then frozen last weekend I will sort as soon as I can. On Wednesday evening, wanting to put my new Mehu Liisato use I picked half a bush of Red Currants and made 4 litres of fabulous juice which was amazingly evocative of high summer and tasted utterly divine. For drinking I diluted it about 2.5 times. I will keep some as it came out of the Mehu Liisa to use for ice cream making or topping. It was so de-liciously refreshing. It could easily be boiled up to make Red Currant Jelly. The thought is driving me to do some fresh Mint Jelly any time now. Picking the mint now will allow it to recover and I may get a 2nd go at it later on. I am both speechless and wanting to shout about it from the rooftops. Then we have the Damsons, which I did on Thursday evening. Another 4 lts, this time picked from the whole bush. White

Berry Picker

currents are still on the bush but I as I am not ecstatic about white currents I will probably mix this juice with something else, the Damsons maybe! We have all the tomatoes and the apples and vegetable juices to come. I feel excited about the savings I can make and perhaps recover my outlay in the forst summer.

The operation is simple and washing up the Stainless steel is a doddle. The pans might go into a dish washer, one at a time, but in my view I can get them done myself in a jiffy.

Whilst the Redcurrants were juicing away for an hour I casually entertained the Batman. Yes Bats had been getting into the utility room and flying all around the kitchen every evening. I was beginning to get fed up with them entertaining me and the dogs at bedtime. He thinks the bat visits will be temporary, thankfully. Bats have been having a lousy time with the scarcity of insects this summer so I must put some Bat Boxes out as their habitat has been encroached upon when next door built the holiday let. I can imagine the bat boxes being as popular as the Hogitats and Frogitats in preparation for winter. ‘Batman’ told me Bats have even been abandoning their young in droves to survive this year. By the way, he told me not to touch any of them directly (too late). As he was leaving we got into a conversation about the moths that were emerging into the evening air, the bats joined us and it is remarkable that we ever stopped talking at all.