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With water at its scarcest since the great drought of 1976, it’s essential to make the most of what we have. Everyday household waste water – also known as ‘grey’ water – can safely be used on any vegetable garden if you follow a few simple rules.


‘Light grey’ water, that’s water that is used to cook or rinse vegetables is great for absolutely anything. Simply keep a bucket outside your back door and when you’ve been cooking at home, tip your cooking water into it to cool and then transfer it over to your watering can next time you go out in to the garden.

‘Dark grey’ water, that is to say washing up or bath water containing soap or detergent, is much better confined to fruit or vegetables which are either peeled or podded, like peas, beans and pumpkins or squash.

Whatever you use though, please make sure it’s fresh as any grey water left lying around quickly turns stagnant and shouldn’t be used!