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If you’re thinking of growing beetroot then we hope this step by step monthly guide will hopefully make it as easy as possible for you!

To start: Make a 2cm deep drill by dragging a hoe or rake in a straight line through the soil. Place two to three seeds at 10cm intervals, cover, firm and water. When the seedlings reach 2cm high, thin out the weakest to leave one strong plant every 10cm (larger, cylindrical roots may need slightly wider spacings than globe-shaped varieties – place the former at 15cm intervals). During hot, dry spells water thoroughly and regularly to prevent the roots becoming woody.

July – Keep plants well-watered to encourage growth and prevent woodiness.

August – Keep watering! harvest roots when they’re golf to tennis ball size.

September – Continue harvesting beets, twisting off their spinach-like leaves.

October – Harvest tennis ball-sized roots for storing in boxes of just-damp sand.

November – Eat stored roots, keeping the boxes in a cool, well-ventilated spot.

December – Consume the last of your stored roots, discarding any that have dried out.

January – Rake a general granulated fertiliser into your growing area to prepare the soil.

February – Continue with your soil preparation. In mild areas make the first sowings under cloches.

March – Continue sowing bolt-resistant varieties under cloches or horticultural fleece.

April – Beetroot seeds can be sown straight into the soil even without plant protection.

May – Continue sowing every three weeks for a steady stream of Summer crops.

June – Harvest the first crop of beetroot – remember that the leaves are edible and very tasty too!