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Gill Anderton

Our resident Grow Your Own expert, Gill Anderton has been featured in the November edition of Grow Your Own Magazine alongside Alan Titchmarsh and here is her advice!

Question: Would it be worth investing in spades that are child-sizes for my young, primary school aged children? (Sean Boothby, Aldeburgh)

Gill’s Response: Adult tools are often too large and heavy for young children to use, making even the simplest jobs hard work. Child-sizes tools are lightweight and yet still strong, making them perfect for smaller hands and bodies to use. For younger children I would start them off with a hand trowel and hand fork and as they grow, or for older children, a fork and spade would definitely be a good buy. Your children will love helping you out in the garden with their very own tools. I can’t think of a better way of encouraging and nurturing their interest in gardening and, yes, this is definitely a wise investment for the future.

Thanks Gill for providing such a comprehensive answer and if you have any more questions about gardening, grow you own or gardening with children then please do send us your questions via the Gardening With Children website.