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The new ‘Hogilo’ hedgehog habitat is a purpose built nesting box and shelter for hedgehogs which can also be used as a feeding lounge.

It is an ideal house for injured or rescue hogs due to the design of the house, which allows for easy inspection and cleaning. It was featured on the BBC programme Autumn Watch with the Hedgehog Rescue team!

Features include:

  •     Manufactured from durable FSC timber & recycled agricultural plastic (By the nature of the re-cycled plastic this may vary in colour tone)
  • Wooden interior for ‘breathability’ and condensation prevention
  • Lid & sides made from recycled agricultural waste
  • Lid easily swivels over to expose large inspection and cleaning hatch
  • Lid incorporates wooden ‘plug’ to insulate hatch aperture
  • Overhanging roof and porch
  • Raised battened feet to prevent rot
  • Predator-resistant entrance
  • Can be used as a safe feeding lounge

Hedgehog houses give protection from predators and provide safe areas for hogs which protects them from strimmers, garden forks and bonfires.

Siting: Locate within cover, out of prevailing wind.  Pile leaves and short grass around the Hogilo and put a couple of handfuls  of short dry grass and leaves inside the box as nesting material. (Gloves should be worn to prevent the transfer of human scent)

Features: FSC timber and recycled plastic, attractive unique design.  British design and manufacture.  Approved for use by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Love Your Environment! Love Your Hedgehogs!