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thrifty_double2Who can tell? A Parsnip from a Long Tall Turnip?

Many of you noticed my mistake in last week’s Sylvia’s Briefs!

I have egg on my face. It is a mistake I have made from childhood not knowing the difference between a parsnip and a turnip! Well I do know the difference between them – it’s just that I perpetually get the names mixed up. Something that is not mixed up this week, for those with a passion for long tall carrots and long tall Tu – sorry, Parsnips – is the desire to grow the longest and the tallest, measured including every morsel of the root tail. This group of mad dedicated gardeners with a big sense of competition will be sorely tempted by our new Sand Box.

The Sand Box with the Growing Tubes will encourage the roots to grow without any constraint to grow straight, to grow long, longer and longest and above all the carrots and parsnips will be a doddle to harvest without causing any damage to that valuable root.

With a SandBox you too could be a winner even at the biggest shows.

Prices start from only £31.10 and until Midnight on Monday 18th March you can save 10% off with discount code SANDBOX10.