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frost_fleece2Temperatures outside are fluctuating and for the earth it is a very good time to cover the soil in the Beds to retain any warmth in good time for early planting. Old cardboard, old newspapers and old woolly blankets come handy and will biodegrade into the soil or put into the Compost Bin later. Early planting, well, some things are very late this year. The frogs came and went very quickly and about a month late. The early January Camellia is only just beginning to come into flower, snowdrops a month late and the Daffs, well they are showing, but we have had them in golden clouds at this time in many previous years. All this indicates that when things begin to grow normally it will all happen in a rush and we could be taken unawares.

Easter gardeners need to Be Prepared before coming out into the garden, unless one wants to spend half the allocated day fudging around a garden centre without a list and getting very little actual gardening done.

So what will you be doing this Easter? We’ll be in the garden!