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woodlands trustFree Trees for UK’s Community and Youth Groups: Allotment groups, resident associations, parish councils, youth groups and other not-for-profit groups can apply now for free trees to plant in November.

Twice a year, the Woodland Trust gives away free trees to community groups, youth groups and schools in an effort to create more woodlands throughout the UK. According to the Trust, the UK has just 11.8% of tree cover, one of the lowest in Europe, and the Trust wants to change that by creating a UK rich in native woods and trees. This can be done relatively quickly because saplings planted today will take 12 years to flourish into young woods.

This autumn the Trust will be giving away 4,000 free tree packs. Groups can apply for packs of 30 trees worth £30, 105 trees worth £105, or 420 trees worth £420. The packs come in a choice of themes – small copse, small hedge, wildlife, year-round colour, wild harvest, wetland and wood fuel – and are designed to help groups choose the right species mix for their local area.

Any not-for-profit group may apply as long as the trees will be planted on one publicly accessible site with permission from the legal landowner, with support from the community where the trees are to be planted and community involvement in the project.

The deadline for applications is 13 September 2013, though this is subject to change. Groups are encouraged to apply as early as possible and to check the Trust’s website for a possible early closing date.

Full details can be found on the Woodland Trust website or by clicking here.