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generic-200x200pxChillies can grow in abundance and more often than now you can end up with a glut of chillies  so here are a few ideas of what you can do with your abundant pickings!

Drying – certain varieties lend themselves to this more than others. Longer, thin fleshed ones such as cayennes dry most easily. Other chillies that have a waxy coating won’t dry unless you crush them or slice them to allow the moisture out.

Freezing – this must be the easiest method as there’s no need to blanch them just freeze them whole! Makes cooking with chillies really easy and simple!

Chilli Oil – To make chilli oil you should only used dried chillies as putting fresh chillies in oil is not a way of preserving them as they will rot and will cause bacteria to grow.

Smoking – Smoked or chipotle chillies are now really popular because of their unique and smoky flavour. Choose whichever method you prefer from the cooker-top smoker, hot smoker or kettle barbecue method.