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Did you know that more of the food that we’re eating in the UK is grown in gardens and on allotments according to the Family Food Report from Defra which analyses the habits of the British population.

Stats show that we more than doubled our intake of home-grown produce in the three years from 2008 with home grown fruit and vegetables accounting for five percent of all food consumed. Also, the good news too is that home-laid eggs are also getting more and more popular along with soft fruits and apples.


Spokesperson for the National Allotment Society, Georgie Willock said “Everyone’s looking for a way to save money but also to have a healthy lifestyle. When you grow your own fruit and veg the two go together.”

Here at The Recycle Works we’re passionate about spreading the news and we’ve purposely introduced products in all price ranges from budget to professional so that every budget can be catered for. There’s nothing more rewarding than eating something that you’ve grown and nowadays more than ever, it’s comforting to know that GYO is food you can trust!