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childrens_standing_raised_bed2We are really dedicated to our children and to all that are interested in gardening. Naturally the first port of call has to be the Gardening With Children website.  Any time of the year is good for starting to garden. Dipping into Gills Blogs is a great place to start if you too are learning ‘on the hoof’ with them. Investing in good tools will reap benefits not only financially but every task is satisfying and generates long term pride.

If you afford the best, you only need to afford it once. With a lifetime guarantee how can you get any better value? So start the children off with a Stainless Steel Long handle Digging Spade and give them a small plot of their own to dig and get into shape. Clean and prepare the soil with something like seaweed meal. Get them to plant a few garlic now with the promise of loads of garlic bread to come with harvesting next year. Lots more ideas and information come with Gill’s Blog this week. There is still time to collect seeds and store them in a cold dry place overwinter.