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childrens_standing_raised_bed2Gill has a beautiful article on the Latest News section of GardeningWithChildren website with mention of the jobs worth ticking off the list for this month. It will be a great help if you do not know where to start Plotting for the 2014 garden.

She insists that when the time comes it comes quickly and it is important to be ready. In less than a month we will be looking at substantially longer days. 2014 is another year when nature and the weather will play a big part in our wellbeing and happiness. All the reds, the greens and glitter that dominated our lives last month will have faded. The joy of January is that we can all plan, hope and have a right to expect an optimistic year ahead.

The National Trust reported that 2013 was a fantastic year for Butterflies; they thrived in the long hot summer months, sightings were up by an average of 80% during the summer’s three official counts, unfortunately for gardeners the Cabbage White did particularly well. The long warm and dry weather was welcomed by insects including moths, bees, crickets and grasshoppers.

For more information on seed sowing simply click here as the key to success is preparation!