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duck_board2Trampled grass is a real problem as the flooding clears. Entrances to well used areas get slippery, unsightly and sometimes can be treacherously muddy for anyone with feet, whether it is two or four of them!

We have made you some really sturdy Duck Boards to place in your puddle vulnerable places.

1.    Wheelbarrows will love the ease with which they glide over them
2.    Use them in Polytunnel and Greenhouse on the garden path
3.    Place in soggy areas and muddy doorways
4.    Protect foot wear from gathering mud and sludge.
5.    Duck Boards come ready to drop into place.
6.    They are handmade with our 2cm superior FSC SOLID wooden boards for long life
7.    Duck Boards are the business and great for doorways with heavy wet traffic all year long
8.    Choice of four sizes to suit you