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whelping_box2You asked us for Whelping Boxes made from the same unique construction we use for all of our Wooden Gardening Products and we introduced our wonderful range of Dog Whelping Boxes.

I and hundreds of our customers have used this construction with great success and the best thing was being able to close it up small and put it away until next time.

Add our version of a four sided optional ‘Pig Rail’ to the Classic and Big Square sizes which will help preventing newly born pups from being crushed accidentally by their heavy mothers.

Quote Discount Code: WHELPING10

Fitted Wooden Floor option keeps away draughts and are made from 2cm thick solid wood boards treated with non toxic preservative. For hygienic and safety reasons it is highly recommended that the floor is fully lined with a plastic tablecloth type of material. The wooden floors are available for both the Big Square and Classic size boxes.

Offer only available until Sunday 30th March 2014.