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sylvias-new-laptop1This time always brings with it lots of optimism and anticipation of good garden opportunities to come. I just love it. Everywhere one looks and everywhere one goes this feeling of good hope follows. Ok so it is pouring with rain today! It is a bit chilly too. On the good side it is spring rain falling lightly and evenly on the soil at a pace it can absorb. This kind of rain will not damage young plants. They love it. It feeds the roots gently.

Pause to listen. The dawn chorus lasts all day. There is so much activity going on in hedges and yes the sign we all look for – the grass is growing again! And, dare I say so, so are the Slugs. Worms are everywhere at the moment, busy recycling most of the garden waste. Both these garden creatures are breeding and as worms have no gestation period their population explode to match the work available. Three cheers for the blossoms out now!