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Here at The Recycle Works we are really conscious about trying to provide tools that make gardening accessible to all and by popular request we introduced a children’s Wheelchair Raised Bed. This is 60cm high and should help those with restricted movement of the trunk. These will be called the Kids Wheelchair Raised Beds. Naturally they are just the same as the others with good access; just the surface height of 60cm is more suitable for the lower wheelchairs if they do not have the extra big wheels.

Wheelchair Raised Beds

Wheelchair Raised Beds

Adult Wheelchair Raised beds are 75cm high and if you know anyone who would like to talk to us about a specific project they are working on, we would be delighted to talk to them with suggestions and ideas.

We’ve introduced these products in response to feedback we recieve from our customers just like we always do so please, please do keep telling us what you’d like from us. We can then work on making it happen!

Email us at sylvia@recycleworks.co.uk and give us your feedback.

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