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herb_pot2Next door are having their kitchen done. It’s nothing to do with me really. Just the use of a couple of shelves in my ‘fridge’ for a couple of weeks. The first week the tightly packed shelves looked a bit unloved so when the time came to roast the roast in my kitchen some of the vegetables were, shall we say, neglected. There will have to be a lot of veg today they are all very close to the sell by, I was warned.

Together with some Sprouted Purple Broccoli (yes) from the garden I was abandoned with a message – text us when you need any help. It was then I got the inspiration to use some of the butters from my freezer. The sage butter, made last summer, was a great flavour saver stirred into the tops of the P/S Broccoli. The Spinach was melted in a slice of Garlic Butter and some mint butter dressed the plain boiled new potatoes. Packs of supermarket herbs were rescued for another day by making them into small tarragon and oregano butter rolls to be stored in a box in the freezer. It set my resolution to maximize the herbs in the garden this summer with a dedicated herb butter box. It’s much quicker and fail-safe than other forms of preservation.  It is also available instantly without defrosting or getting soaked in a rainy garden.

Yes, you can do Herb Ice Cubes and, if butter does not arouse you try packing the herbs tightly into small bottles of oil. Be a Mastercook in an instant!! All these was retain colour and aroma brilliantly.