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Soil_Testing_Kit_Pack2The majority of domestic soil testing kits are very simple and rely on colour rather than a numerical scale so you can check the pH of your soil using these simple kit . The solution turns yellow-orange for acid soil, green for neutral and dark green for alkaline.

Most plants prefer a pH of 6.5 to 7 – the point where nutrients are most easily available.

Some plants are ericaceous meaning they need acid soil, for example most rhododendrons. Others grow better in an alkaline soil, for example lilacs so it’s a good idea to know which plant varieties will prosper in the soil type that you have.

An easy way of determining which type you have is by picking up some damp soil, examining it and rubbing it between your fingers. Use the descriptions of soil types below to see which one you have in your garden. Alternatively, you can use a Soil Testing Kit which will make the job much easier!