bow-plant-supports2The weather, like the post office has been doing all sorts of things! The silent drama in the garden has been wonderful! Plants have grown like Topsy. They get showier and more beautiful every day. Pollinated fruit are swelling and the potential is there for a good harvest – so far! I cannot wait for the smellies which will be the next big thing in my garden. Herbs are so inviting and if you don’t know what to do with some of them Pasta with olive oil, butter and herbs is usually a good test bed.

Plant Supports are the pick of the week, especially with the recent wind. We also have a whole lot of those fashionable rusty hoops that look so natural and make your hands dirty when you put them in! The pain we endure for beauty knows no bounds, but I must say that they look like you have owned them for 10 years which give out the message of experience.