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Well, I had a few hints from friends last week who had helpful suggestions on how I can improve my Video Selfie. I think they will be helpful. So we will see. Last Week the technicians were Debs and Theresa. This time it came together whilst I was enjoying opera in the timeless countryside in Oxfordshire. What a glorious opportunity it was and a perfect place to spend Midsummer’s evening! I have never seen such glorious climbing roses in gardens with such beautiful sandstone  and flint walls to climb. So, it is not surprising that all the Plant Supports were in demand.

I have just been catching up with Gill’s Blogs on Gardening With Children and was absolutely bowled over by her and Thomas’s attempts at making a Mouse detector! I melted with the charm of the whole post. It was one of her best ever Blogs. Gill receives praise and comments from many countries where her Blogs find enthusiastic audiences. I am off home to many lovely aromatic herbs and my rather less aromatic but enthusiastically happy dogs and frogs, I hope that you too are able to enjoy the coming week to the full.

Gardening Works!