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WOW_small1This is the time of year that worms are most active. They have lots of baby worms hatching rapidly as the waste mounts up. In a Wooden Wormery you do not have the complications of plastic Wormeries where they can sweat and smell. Wood gives a natural environment together with a living space similar to that in the ground where they normally live.

Wormeries are excellent places to place uncooked food waste for recycling.  If you add a large amount of food waste in one go then cover it with a little soil or the remains of pot plants to subdue any decomposing smells.

See into the World of Worms with the Compact WOW Observational Wormery. Watch the worms at work and monitor the wonderful changes they make within the compost as it turns into garden soil.

The Compact WOW comprises the wormery, observation panel, cover for observation panel and lid. No Nails, No Screws No Holes to Dig. We have simplified the options for this fascinating activity. This is worms the way they are naturally in a single area of ground. No special feeds. No moving worms around. No special recovery prescription!