mehu_Liisa_steamer2Now that the domestic soft fruit is in good harvest keeping for the rest of the year, we turn our attention to the stoned fruit.  I remember as a small kid returning from a trip to visit an aunt living near to Worcester and we stopped on the roadside where Mother filled the spaces in our small car with plums!! All colours they were, and they were packed to the roof. My brother and I had nowhere to put our feet. We couldn’t move in the back seat. Luckily we loved plums, though to this day my favourites are Greengage and a well flavoured Victoria. Days of intense preservation followed and many a fruit pie consumed.

Curiously I can still recall the delicious flavours of a spoonful of stewed plums on a bowl of rice pudding. Sadly this dish is unrepeatable these days. We cannot buy proper milk anymore and you cannot make a decent rice pudding with that wonderfully caramelly skin. Does anybody know how to make toffee brown skin on rice pud these days? Please, please tell me -.