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pointed_picket4Picket fences are a type of fence often used decoratively for domestic boundaries, often distinguished by their evenly spaced vertical boards, the pickets, attached to horizontal rails.

Protection and demarcation on corners and borders of flower beds, lawn and open plan spaces.
Prevent people from cutting the corner on foot, prams, hose pipes, equipment et al.
Deter small animals from entering a space

Until the introduction of advertising on fences in the 1980s, cricket fields were usually surrounded by picket fences, giving rise to the expression rattling the pickets for a ball hit firmly into the fence.

Pointed Picket Fence

  • Very useful for demarking borders and boundaries
  • Protects the corners of beds an lawns
  • Adds style to edges.
  • Prevents machinery, hose pipes and people from cutting corners and spoiling them.
  • Makes a clear demarcation between the paths and the beds.
  • Deters small animals from entering the protected space.
  • DIY so simple

No Nails, No Screws, No Holes to Dig, but a mallet will be useful for helping the posts into the ground.

Height of fence: 45cm
Height of pointed post above ground: 26cm

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