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water bottleAnd I thought it was only about our spring!

We had a visit from a lady farmer this week who instantly riveted our attention with her story about Fracking. Tell me, I said why should I be against fracking? She went on to describe how her son, working for a fracking company in the states has contacted her and told her that they were having so many problems in his company because the chemicals they use to do the fracking are seeping into the water courses and poisoning the water. He told his Mum to be informed as the family in UK depend entirely on their water from springs and wells on the family farm in Chipping, very close to a proposed fracking area here. The lady, in common with many other country farmers close to here, uses natural water for all her cattle and animals and also for themselves. Her case was very strong and I was horrified that the chemicals used in fracking could contaminate the water course. I was of the mistaken opinion that fracking was a purely physical operation. The powers that be do not tell us about all the chemicals used in the process. Omission of information in this case can be as dishonest as an outright lie. Clean water is the very heart of life, yours and mine. Think about it.

Then what happened?

We had a visiting supplier with a particular interest in water. I engaged him in the fracking matter and he was very clear. The actual fracking is carried out so very deep into the earth one to two kilometres down, I think he said, that it cannot possibly interfere with surface water. The cause of the troubles referred to was not because of fracking. It just was not possible.

Conclusion – confusion