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2014-10-18 10.48.21Regularly I still eat freshly picked raspberries and cream for breakfast.This morning I also picked about 1lb of home grown (red) tomatoes and 8lbs of fresh grapes all grown outside in northern Lancashire – hardly the hot belt of UK. It has been a remarkable summer.

As I write I am lazily resorting to making Grape Jelly, but I may do a bottle or two of grape cordial. The sugars in the grapes did not mature fully. The abundant bunches of grapes reminded me of a painting of Bacchus by Caravaggio in the Uffizi, a picture always included in even a short visit to the Uffizi, though nowadays the trail through the gallery is as much like a trail through Ikea. They make sure that you queue till you are tired and fed up then you shuffle past everything in the gallery on your visit before you get to the exit. A killer if you only want to visit a few pictures at a time. The tomatoes you could hardly call voluptuous, but will be the basis of a soup tomorrow as most of the herbs are still flourishing too.