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ActifermDid you see the recent article (November 2014) in the Saturday Telegraph about relief for Box Blight? The microbes and bacteria in Actiferm are active in suppressing the fungi that cause Box Blight and regular treatment of the affected Box is really beneficial. However as we understand it, Actiferm alone will not be very effective as, being water based, it will slide off the shiny leaves of the box and fall to earth losing its benefit. To get the maximum benefit from Actiferm, used to combat Box blight, it is essential to mix it with a sticker.

We are led to believe that this point about the horticultural sticker was not made in the article in the Telegraph so are adding it here on the blog.

Our research has identified two possible stickers that we should be able to obtain and have on sale within the next 10 days. A sticker mixed together with Actiferm will undoubtedly give you a solution that will deter Box Blight and regular treatment will be beneficial.

However there is a downside to the stickers. They are overtly chemical. They are not environmentally friendly. If used judiciously and stored very carefully there should be no harm done but it is strongly against our best principles of not using or selling chemicals.

Having weighed up the pros and cons and if we do get the stickers we will sell them purely for mixing with Actiferm, this with a view to attacking Box Blight. This means that we will only sell stickers to customers who are purchasing or have purchased Actiferm from us in the past. I am sorry but chemical creep is not for us.

On the positive side Actiferm is a wonderful product in its own rite. It helps to clean the soil from bad bacteria and microbes. Actiferm can be used both the garden and the home. 100% organic

In the Garden use Actiferm

  • As a soil improver
  • Promotes healthy roots and plants
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Suppresses soil pathogens
  • Will fix atmospheric nitrogen, reducing the need for fertilisers
  • Bigger crop yields
  • Will treat up to 150 sq M
  • Use as a compost accelerator
  • Great for spraying topiaries. It produces good bacteria to fight the fungus, and also feeds the plant and improves the soil.
  • Gardening – This bio-active product is diluted with water up to 1:100 before spraying.

In the Home

  • Use Actiferm as a chemical free cleaner
  • Suppress harmful bacteria
  • Eliminates odours