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May can be one of the most busiest months in the garden or on the allotment so here are our top ten jobs for you to be getting on with during May:

  • Plant tomatoes in greenhouses either directly in the soil or place two in a grow bag. Make sure they have plenty of support!
  • Harvest asparagus spears if the plants are over two years old.
  • When you leeks are pencil-thick, transplant them in to 15cm deep holes.
  • Sow spring cauliflowers and winter cabbages in 1cm deep drills.
  • Plant your main crop potatoes and earth up around the shoots when they are 10cm tall.
  • Thin out your gooseberries by removing every other one.
  • Sow different varieties of salad leaves every three weeks for a constant and fresh supply.
  • Place a cloche over early strawberries to help them ripen early.
  • Watch out for carrot fly – they’ll be about and ready to strike.
  • Be prepared for late frosts. Even in May we can still get them!

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